• Sleep! is diabolically clever
    Justin Tranz
  • Create your own routines
    Body Language, Speech Analizing, Graphology , Hypnosis....
  • SLEEP! is simple yet powerful.
    For Close Up or Stage. For mentalists, hypnotists and magicians.


20 cards with the hypnotic command SLEEP! in 20 different languages... 3 blank cards...

SLEEP! is a tool... not a trick... The moment you understand the principle you can start to create your own routines...
You can pretend to be a Body Language expert, a Graphologist or a Speech Analyzer.

It is easy to learn... No memory work... No sleight of hand... No language restrictions...

For hypnotists it is the ideal way to introduce hypnosis.

The cards are marked so you can force a card using your favorite forcing technique.
On every card there is some extra information about the language... So if you don't mind a little bit of memory work... you can create even more effects.

For mentalists, hypnotists, hypnotherapists and magicians.

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"Hypnotists always ask me if you should blend magic with hypnosis!
SLEEP is a fun, fabulous, powerful way to break the ice, and segway into doing hypnosis.
The method is diabolically clever, easy to learn, and you will be doing it like a pro in less than a minute!"

Justin Tranz - "The Greatest Hypnotist Of All Time"